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Date Update
Dec 2014 MANY CONGRATULATIONS to all our students/teachers who have achieved success in so many ISTD Units since the last update printed below. We are proud of you all and look forward to working with you again soon. Once again, students have received excellent results over the last 18 months, and The Centre retains its 100%pass rate for all those training on our Short, Intensive Course Programmes of Study.
Sept 2013 Latest News! Our New Short, Intensive Course Programmes for Winter 2013 and 2014/15 are now open for booking! More details on the Courses Page, and please do call us on 07800 907 224 for further information.
July 2012 Once again, many congratulations to our latest sets of Teachers who have all gained fantastic qualification results in both IDTA Associate examaninations (80% - 96%), and ISTD DDI (85% - 96%) and Health & Safety Unit 2 (80%)

We will be starting BRAND NEW DDI Short Intensive Course Programmes of study in TAP, MODERN and BALLET in January 2013. More details to follow - keep an eye on our website for updates!
Dec 29 2011 ACT NOW...IT'S NOT TOO LATE...To join us for a brand NEW ISTD MODERN DDI Course,starting with the first of the three Intensive Courses on our unique programme of study on JANUARY 3rd, 4th & 5th 2012. LET US HELP YOU MAKE 2012 THE YEAR YOU ACHIEVE YOUR QUALIFICATION GOALS!!!Please ring ASAP if you would like to join our new group of Teachers!!
Jun 15 2011 Check out our NEW INTENSIVE COURSE PROGRAMMES-Perfect if you want to cover all the work efficiently,in depth and in a short amount of time!Follow-up courses are also arranged to support you-so,after you have gone away,digested the material and done lots of studying and preparation-you can come back and check that you are on the right track and receive further guidance towards examination. Most of our teachers only need to visit The Centre for 3 or 4 short courses to prepare for their exam.
Jun 15 2011 CONGRATULATIONS... To our latest set of teachers who took their qualifying Examinations last term.Once again,all passed with excellent marks,this time ranging from 85% to 95%!Many congratulations to you all!We are so happy to have worked with you and got to know you all,and delighted to have been able to help you achieve your goals!
Feb 7 2011 Our Centre has been open for less than 18 months but we have now welcomed nearly 50 Student/Teachers onto our Courses!! Our participants ages have ranged from 17 to late 50's and We have been delighted to bring together Teachers from Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Cheshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Worcestershire, London, Surrey, Nothumberland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Portugal. We have already helped many of our teachers to achieve their goals/exam success
Feb 7 2011 FEBRUARY 2011 What a wonderful start to the New Year! We have welcomed many new teachers onto our DDI Modern and IDTA Freestyle Associate Intensive Courses.The studios have have seen lots of hard work,questions and laughter!Thank you so much to all the participants who took the time to feed back to us on how much you had enjoyed and gained from the courses-We are really happy to have been able to provide what you needed and to have inspired you-See you all again soon at the follow-up courses.
Aug 26 2010 HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY DTTC! During our first year The Dance Teacher Training Centre welcomed over 30 teachers and dance students onto our courses! Teachers have come to us for a variety of different reasons including to refresh syllabus work,get ideas for freework and choreography, and to prepare for vocational, IDTA Associates, ISTD FDI, CDE, Licentiate exams. After a busy and productive year we are very happy to invite you to join us in our 2nd year as we have many new courses for you to enjoy!