Teacher Friendly Courses

All our courses are structured with teachers' needs in mind

Location - Our central location means day courses are easily accessible, not only to teachers in the Midlands, but to those in Wales and many Northern and Eastern Counties. Good local and cost effective accommodation is available for those travelling from further afield. East Midlands Airport is just a 30 minute car journey from the centre, and Birmingham only an hour away.

Time - Most of our courses run from 10am - 2pm on weekdays and Sundays; designed to fit around your family life and teaching commitments.

Choice - You choose which type of course best suits your needs and the way you prefer to learn.
We offer the choice of attending courses:
  • For a day
  • An intensive short course
  • Spread over a term
  • Spread over several months
  • On an ad-hoc basis

Support - Sound familiar?
  • Want to study, but find it hard to get motivated?
  • Need some advice with written work?
  • Not sure if it's just you, or if everyone else is struggling to get all the units done?
  • Would like to meet up with other dance teachers, make new friends and share ideas?
  • Need a structured time frame to keep you on track with achieving your exam goals?
  • Just need a quick refresher course in the area?
  • Working as part of a group would be much more fun and would really help to keep you focused and positive?

  • Good value for money
  • Competitively priced
  • Excellent alternative to expensive residential summer courses, London based workshops and online/distance learning programmes

New Ideas - Check out our Inspirational Days section
Do you:
  • Really enjoy learning new things to keep your work fresh and inspired?
  • Need some new ideas to pep-up your free work classes?
  • Need some routine ideas for shows, festivals or holiday workshops?
  • Feel there is some aspect of your work you need to know more about and can't get that from a syllabus course?
  • Would really like a course on a certain subject, but nobody is offering it?
Fill out our Teachers Interests form to request a course, and if there is sufficient interest we will try to arrange it for you!