Inspirational Days

A wide range of courses to provide you with new ideas and approaches to the dance styles you already teach, as well as introducing you to other styles and subjects of interest.
Courses are arranged subject to demand, so please fill in our Teachers Interests form to give us an indication of the courses you would be excited to attend. Where there is sufficient demand we will do our best to arrange a course for you.

Examples of our course topics
  • Commercial and Street Jazz styles/workshops
  • First Aid for Dance Teachers
  • Make-up for Stage and Auditions
  • Book Keeping and Accounts for Dance Teachers
  • Tap Styles Workshop
  • Introducing the benefits of basic pilates to your students
  • Contemporary Dance Principles and ideas to apply to your Modern Dance work
  • Psychology for Dance Teachers - Advanced Teaching Methods
  • Working with a pianist in the ballet class
  • Advice on Pointe Shoe fit and selection
  • Lecture on all aspects of working on a Cruise Ship
  • Lecture on all aspects of working in a West End Show
  • Choreography ideas for your Modern/Jazz Show/Competition Routines
  • New Syllabus courses
  • Legal and Technical aspects of putting on a dance (school) production
  • Wedding Dance ideas
  • plus many more.....
For details of Inspirational Day Courses currently arranged click here.

New Courses and Proposed Courses are advertised on our News & Course Updates section. Don't forget to register your interests on our Teachers Interests form.

How to Enroll: Simply ring us to confirm all course details, then download and fill out our Inspirational Days Enrolment Form and post it back to us, together with a cheque for course fees, made payable to "The Dance Teacher".