Our Ethos and Aims

The Dance Teacher Training Centre was established to provide teachers and those who wish to train as dance teachers with a centre of excellence based in the Midlands, capable of meeting all of their professional needs. We aspire to deliver high quality tuition in both syllabus and non-syllabus dance styles and related subjects of interest.

We aim....
To Provide > Access to and instruction from leading teachers, examiners and performers in their chosen fields.
To Deliver > Syllabus training and updates with the ISTD and IDTA examination boards.
To Inspire > Our teachers and give them new ideas to take home and use in their studios.
To Enrich > Our teachers knowledge by giving them new insights into many aspects of dance and theatre performance - more than just the syllabus.
To Pass-on > The wisdom and value of traditional, tried and tested teaching methods and styles.
To Challenge > Our teachers to try new approaches to teaching, with an open mind.
To Give > Future generations a wonderful dance education and experience by providing them with well informed and skilled teachers.
The Centre provides a professional and friendly environment in which to learn. Our courses are delivered in an atmosphere where all feel welcome and valued and where help and support are readily available.